How Our Installation Process Works

Understanding your requirements allows us to design our preliminary proposal.

Step 1

Initial Fact Find

Your initial consultation with us is designed to capture the key information we need to assess your site and your power requirements.

Information we would discuss includes:

As much as possible we would obtain this information upon meeting you at your premises giving you the opportunity to meet us in person and allowing us to discuss aspects such as roof access for panel delivery, existing consumer unit(s), inverter placement positions, and assess rough DC and AC cabling routes. This can be obtained however through distance means such as images being provided and a supporting teams / zoom meeting.

Step 2

Initial Solar PV Design Proposal

Understanding your requirements allows us to design our preliminary proposal and highlight any early stages of specific consideration for subsequent discussion.
Our preliminary design proposal will provide you with:

Step 3

Onsite Technical Survey

Following initial design assessment and of course your interest in proceeding further, our technical representatives would attend your premises to assess the particular requirements of delivering a solar PV solution for you.

A technical survey assesses:

Step 4

Final Proposal

Following assessment of our Technical Survey findings, we would provide you with our Final Proposal including any additional works required to install your Solar PV system.

Our Final Proposal would outline any changes to our initial design and any applicable changes to the information contained within. Additionally we would discuss and confirm any power outages that may be required, roof access arrangements, and how long we envisage it will take to deliver the project.

Should you be content to proceed, our Final proposal would incorporate an agreement section between us signed by both parties to initiate works.

Step 5

Permitted Developments / Planning

Most commercial PV projects satisfy the conditions of Permitted Developments.

Permitted Developments are systems which:

If a solar panel array cannot meet these criteria then a full planning application will be required

Step 6

Installation of Your New System

Once appropriate permissions are satisfied, we will liaise to begin your installation process.

We will revisit important aspects such as how long we envisage to complete the project and other aspects previously discussed such as any required power outages, noise considerations whilst work is underway and any additional health and safety or risk avoidance measures that need to be put in place to ensure a safe and efficient delivery of the project.

Your dedicated Project Manager will remain on hand to support the installation journey, and on completion outline important elements such as how to shut down and restart the system in case of an emergency and other key areas of knowledge including how to use your monitoring platform which provides you with a ‘live view’ your solar power generation; view how much of your generation is being utilised and how much is being exported to the grid and or battery storage facility.

Step 7

Handover and Satisfaction Survey

Following satisfactory operation of your new system for 2 to 3 weeks, we will revisit with you areas such as how to shut down and restart the system in case of an emergency and other key areas of knowledge including how to use your monitoring platform.

Also you will be provided with a comprehensive handover pack including full warranty and the continued levels of Sterling Energy support that accompany all completed projects.

To maintain the highest levels of customer experience we take the opportunity also to gather your feedback on how we delivered your project for you and ensure you feel fully supported on your new clean energy future.

Step 8

Asset Management, Maintenance & Reviews

Whilst your installation journey may be complete; the continued management of your installation is guaranteed.

Post installation, your system is intelligently monitored via its integrated platform.

As a team therefore, we ensure your system remains fully supported through its entire lifespan and performs to its optimum in delivering you clean energy.

Periodically we will carry out a full review of your system performance and keep you aware of additional opportunities that may interest you towards a more efficient and greener future.

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