Commercial PV Considerations

With health and safety built into every part of our processes, it is important that this is investigated.


Commercial PV Considerations

Commercial PV

Whilst the installation of a commercial Solar PV system provides many benefits, there are some key considerations we would also need to discuss with you once relevant permissions are in place and prior to commencement of any works.

Structural Integrity

As part of our pre installation process, a structural engineer will be requested to assess your site for the planned additional weight loading of a commercial solar array. With health and safety built into every part of our processes, it is important that this is investigated.

Roof Condition

With the planned lifespan of your new solar panel array being 25 years, it is important that your existing roof is in good condition as once your array is in place, fixing aspects such as leaks and roof repairs may involve panel removals making repairs more costly.

Roof Warranties

Consideration to roof warranties is important as it may be necessary to penetrate the roof to attach the panel mounting system. Penetrating the roof itself will not lead to the immediate voiding of roof warranty and we will ensure the correct mounting system is used. We would advise however to discuss your installation plans with any applicable roof warranty company to rest assured that no cover issues may present themselves subsequently.

Inverter Location

Inverter placement is an important consideration to enable maintenance, repair or replacement of these key components during the life of your system. Many inverters are suitably rated to be able to be mounted outside if necessary, however internal mounting is preferable subject to sufficient ventilation and space.

Site Storage

Most commercial solar PV systems can be installed with little to no disruption to your daily operations and would not involve closing your site whilst this takes place. It is foreseeable however that we would need an allocated area for storage of solar equipment, and should your site require this, storage of mechanical access machinery. An idea for this could be an area within existing staff parking.


Subject to the size and scale of a project, we may need to erect scaffolding which subject to the height of your building may be as large as 40m2. Being erected at the first stage of any project and remaining in place until completion, we would need to discuss risk management whilst works are underway, in particular if scaffolding would obscure any staff access doors.

Electrical Connection

During an installation, several short electrical shutdowns will be required to connect the newly installed wiring routes. These will be scheduled with you however and carried out during appropriate times such nights or at weekends.

Noise Whilst Panels are Being Installed

Solar Panels are attached to a mounting rail system secured to your roof structure. Designed to be in place for 25 years, understandably fixings need to be installed using power tools which produce noise. Due to the panel quantities involved and the nature of mounting solar panels, these cannot be installed during or at weekends so will cause a degree of disruption whilst this is underway. We will do our utmost to keep disruption to a minimum however.

New Build Sites

Should you be looking to incorporate Solar PV into a new build site and it forms part of your initial planning permission ‘plans’. Has it been considered if sufficient panel mounting space exists to generate the desired power requirements?

Regards grid supply connection to a new build site, consider that a grid ‘dynamic connection’ is required to allow unused solar power to flow into the grid should battery storage not exist to capture it. Your District Network Operator (DNO) will investigate this and confirm whether sufficient grid infrastructure exists to accommodate your new planned system.

If you need assistance with any of these considerations, our team will be happy to help advise you.

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