Commercial Site Types

Our team are well versed in the differing considerations with each type


Commercial Solar PV

CommercialSite Types

With the wide variety of commercial premises across the UK, each site involves detailed planning and investigation to ensure all foreseeable aspects and challenges have been taken into consideration.

A dedicated project manager is assigned on every installation, acting as the main point of contact and query for our client, and facilitating the smooth delivery of the project.

Whether you operate a traditional commercial site, a farm, agricultural site or have a new build project, our team are well versed in the differing considerations with each type.

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For Farming

Agricultural Sites and Farms

These particular sites require additional investigation into aspects such as any grid restrictions to permitted power production, and or any existing electrical infrastructure which may not be sufficient to support a significant power consumption solution.

Additionally, aspects such as the structural integrity of roof areas will need to be investigated, along with if multiple electricity supply feeds exist, to different parts of a site.

More rural areas can also be subject to fluctuations in grid voltages which carries the risk of affecting consistent operation of solar inverters. Inverters being the key components that control of the flow of the solar power being generated are designed to operate within slim tolerances of 230 volts plus 10% or minus 6%. Outside these parameters, inverters are designed to disconnect and attempt reconnection which halts the flow of solar power being generated. Inconsistent operation of your solar PV system will naturally impact the predicted performance of the system which is an important aspect to be investigated at planning stages and solutions factored in as much as possible. A solution for this can be increasing the parameters of the inverter to accommodate these fluctuations, although this would require additional permission via the DNO.

Additional factors aside, rest assured that solutions exist to most challenges of these natures and will be incorporated into our installation proposal and discussed with you.

Newly Constructed

New Build Sites

New build sites already utilise latest energy savings technologies such as LED lighting, energy efficient windows and doors etc. The option of adding a solar PV system presents the opportunity to go a step further and generate its own clean energy. You will need to consider your current planning permissions however.

Taking advantage of existing site solutions such as pre-existing scaffolding for roof access etc presents immediate opportunity to reduce installation costs. An example of this is careful consideration of component placements which positively impacts cable meterages required.

On all projects, we work tirelessly to achieve without any compromise to quality or thoroughness, the most effective installation methods for your site.

Whilst there many opportunities to reduce cost on new build sites, the inclusion of Solar PV can also be favour considerations involved in planning permission applications.

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