Commercial Solar PV

Key benefits of installing Commercial Solar PV in your business

Key Benefits of

Commercial Solar PV

Commercial Solar PV installation is one of the fastest growing areas of interest for UK businesses, driven by ever rising energy consumption costs; the ability to reinvest cost savings back into the business, and implementing steps towards lower carbon emissions and a more greener future.

Due to the differing nature of businesses, individual motivations understandably vary however, below are the key benefits of installing Commercial Solar PV in your business.

Energy cost savings

On average, commercial generated solar power works out to be up to 33% cheaper than equivalent grid purchased power. Savings may equate to just a few pence per kWh however this can add up to a significant amount over the course of a year, and lifetime of the system,

Re investment opportunity

The savings enjoyed from solar power gives you the ability to re-invest savings back into other areas of your business; drive growth or implement additional efficiency measures to further reduce your operating costs.

Clean & efficient power generation

A typical commercial solar installation comes with a lifespan of circa 25 years. Over that time, you will significantly reduce your businesses’ carbon footprint by generating clean energy with the equivalence CO2 savings of planting circa 4000 trees.

Additional benefits

Potential Tax Relief and Additional power generation income.

Helps insulate against future electricity price fluctuations.

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